Warhammer 40k Doubles Tournament August 18th.

posted on 08/06/12



Warhammer 40k 6th Edition Team Tournament

1250pt per player, Team Tournament

Location: Mugu Games, 4610 Evergreen Way, Everett WA 98203. 425-322-4826

Date and Time: August 18th doors open at 10am games begin at 11am.

Cost: $15.00/player. We are only allowing 24 Players (12 Teams) for this event, so pregister in person or on the website if Search for 1250 Teams

Army Composition: 1,250pts each player, SHARED force organization. NO ALLIES ALLOWED (so there will not be 4 armies on the table) FORGE WORLD RULES will be allowed for this event. Do not confuse this with Apocalypse rules. it has to be 40k Stamped. Also you HAVE to bring the rules for your units, and they HAVE to be the updated ones from the website for 6th Edition.

Rounds: Three rounds, each consisting of two and a Half hours of game play, with fifteen minutes of time for deployment. There will be one thirty minute break for Lunch after the first round.

Models: Models need not be painted, and conversions are totally fine (Forge World, third party, scratch-built, or whatever. Modeling for advantage will not be tolerated. If you have a unit that we deem modeled for advantage, then you will have to play your list without the model or Unit.), proxies are not allowed, your models must be WYSIWYG (for instance, "this guy's holding a bolter but it's really a multi-melta"). If you have questions about whether a model would count as a conversion or a proxy, email us or stop by and ask us. Grenades and other additional pieces of war gear are not counted for WYSIWYG. Exceptions will be Sisters of battle, which will be represented as best as possible.

Scenarios: We will be using the scenarios from the 6th Edition book, with preset Terrain, and with predetermined scenarios/deployment rules.

Prizes: 100% of the entry fees will be given as Store credit at Mugu Games with the amount is based on tournament attendance. Prizes will be awarded to First Place, best painted army and a Best Sportsmanship team. This store credit can be used for anything in-store and can be used on special orders placed with us. So, even if we are out of an item you're after, you can make requests and we'll do our best to fill them.

Other Rules: There will be a few special in store rules that will be explained beforehand. Nothing that is game Breaking, just some things to even out the randomness.

Requirements: Each Player MUST have a printed copy of their Army list, with war gear listed, Forge world listings, measuring device, dice, your armies Codex, and templates. If you do not have any of these items, they are available for purchase in the store. We have Trays available in the store for you to store your army on between rounds. (thanks evan)

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Tournament Changes

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