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The world of Pathfinder comes to life on your tabletop with Pathfinder Battles, an ongoing line of prepainted plastic miniatures produced in cooperation with WizKids, Inc. Drawn from the award-winning illustrations of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and produced with the highest-quality standards in the miniature business, Pathfinder Battles fantasy miniatures set a new standard for hassle-free tabletop gaming!

Pathfinder Battles fantasy miniatures come in a variety of formats, from major randomly assorted sets like Heroes & Monsters and Rise of the Runelords to nonrandom Encounter Packs featuring a handful of useful figures.

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Heroes & Monsters

Pathfinder RPG combat comes to life on your tabletop with Heroes & Monsters, the debut release in the new Pathfinder Battles prepainted miniatures line! Produced in cooperation with Paizo Publishing, Heroes & Monsters presents a fascinating array of 40 beautifully painted miniatures perfect for use with the Pathfinder RPG or any fantasy miniatures game! From the brave Gnome Fighter to the mighty evil lich, Heroes & Monsters offers a wide range of player characters and dungeon denizens that make a perfect start to your Pathfinder Battles collection!

  • Heroes & Monsters Standard Boosters contain 1 Medium or 2 Small miniatures.
  • Heroes & Monsters Large Boosters contain 1 Large miniature.
  • Heroes & Monsters Bricks contain 16 Standard Boosters and 3 Large Boosters.
  • Heroes & Monsters Cases contain 4 Bricks (64 Standard Boosters and 12 Large Boosters).

Purchasers should get no to very few duplicate figures in a brick. Buyers who purchase factory-sealed cases should get a nearly complete set of figures. (As with any randomized product, collation is not guaranteed.)